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Going above and beyond existing industry standards, we are changing perceptions on what software providers
should be offering you: all under one unified subscription.

An integration of Sales and Service subscriptions for complete coverage of the sales journey: from winning to keeping customers.

Simplify HR management with one solution to extensive recruiting, on-boarding, and staff maintenance.

Gain a deeper understanding of how your expense-metrics impact your sales prospecting.

Reach out to your team at any time for brainstorming, sharing, and collaborating on inspiration.

Customisable dashboard lets you decide what’s important to you for quick access to your highest priorities.

Smart automation of intricate and complex processes save time and money on the most mundane tasks: freeing up time for the numbers that really matter. Work that’s smarter, not harder.

Take command of every step of your workflow: from brainstorming to celebrating the feeling of another success. Pipeline ensures the team is on the same page at all times to maximise your sales strategy flow.

Smart contacts provide an innovative way to connect with your customers, from automated email timetables to targeted campaigning.

The number one way to maximise every second of the working day: integrate everyone from customers to employees for ultimate scheduling, reporting, and communication efficiency.

Design, manage and track clever, cross-channel campaigns guided by AI assisted data insights.

Work with and share documents securely, both internally and externally, no matter the file size.

Create engaging surveys for increased response rates and higher data collection.

Meet with more customers using our intelligent mapping that helps you plan meetings and effectively schedule your working day.

Gain a deeper understanding of your expense metrics and their impact on your sales prospecting.

Integrate MySales+ with your current Opera system, so no reservation falls by the wayside.

Integrate MySales+ with your current email and calendar providers, so a chance to connect is never missed.

Integrate MySales+ with your current Venue Directory, so every event is matched with its perfect location.

Clear and thorough planning software helping you deliver seamless experiences. Leave your time free for bigger and better things, software for inception to finalisation to harness the full selling power of a flawless event.

MySales+ features offer
a unique and powerful solution to all organisations.

MySales+ has innovated adaptability to suit any business and scale, flexibly designed to your own needs.

Event Management

Simplify, customise and execute your events in a cost-effective and consolidated way with the power and efficiency of one.


In an industry oversaturated with business and efficiency tools, discover the power of one and get a 360° view of your entire marketing platform.


Used by hotels around the world MySales+ is a comprehensive control centre to manage your hotel efficiently and effectively.

Non-profit Organisations

MySales+ is explicitly tailored to each organisations requirements, allowing you to personalise your member communication and provide a consistent service.

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