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Frequently Asked Questions

The unified platform solution is £50 per month per person (billed annually), with one-off implementation / customisation costs to be between £200-£2000 (depending on your needs).

All standard globally accepted forms such as debit / credit cards and banking payments.

This depends on your local taxation laws.

Customisation depends very much on what you are looking to achieve. We estimate standard one-off implementation / customisation costs predicted to be between £200-£2000.

Yes and this depends on your needs. Please contact as on +44 203 972 1666 for further details.

At MySales+, data safety and security is paramount. We have left no stone unturned on our journey to ensure that our clients' data is protected at all times. We have taken a number of safety measures to protect you, including login tracking, encryption properties, and vigilant safeguarding against intrusions and malicious attacks. For added security you can choose to restrict access to MySales+ within your intra-network and on specific machines in your business.

Unlike many providers, your data is your data – and you can take your data anytime you want from anywhere.

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