Why MySales+

A unique solution to the complicated and expensive multi-platform
ecosystem. MySales+ is the power of one platform with all
the tools you need to grow your business.

This will reduce costs and save time with state-of-the-art customer management and sales tools,
marketing automation, expense software, data storage and HR systems with a
single platform tailored exactly to suit your needs.

What makes MySales+ different

Power of One

Enjoy the simplicity of having everything in one place, saving time, money and resources, and improving profitability with fully-integrated, no-compromise systems.

AI Enabled Automation

Artificial intelligence works with data around the clock to provide real-time data analytics, enabling insightful decision making and providing genius insights to keep you ahead of the competition.

Smart Reporting

Easy to read, single-page reporting for a single consolidated business overview, and quick and easy evaluation reports for your campaigns, sales pitches, conferences and more.

per user
per month


One platform and one monthly rate avoids complicated costing structures. MySales+ is devoted to saving you money, providing the best financially-efficient option, every time.

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Easy Onboarding

Discover a seamless and efficient data onboarding experience, tailored system training, and full use of online tutorials throughout: all provided by the experienced onboarding and support teams.

All Yours

Our scalable user plans allow you to build a customised platform that is unique to your business. Tailored services mean you only pay for exactly what you need.

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